Quick tips

If you are new to driving a 4x4 vehicle, these tips will get you on the road.

Gently does it – when covering rough terrain keep your touch on the steering wheel light.  Avoid “wrestling” the vehicle over obstacles.
Thumbs away – place your hands on the steering wheel in such a way that your thumbs are on the outside.  If the wheel jerks in your hands, you want to avoid spraining or breaking your thumbs.
Use momentum – most obstacles are best overcome with momentum rather than acceleration.  For instance, as you approach a water crossing ease into the water using the momentum the vehicle already has to carry it through.  Avoid a burst of acceleration. Changing gears will cause you to lose momentum. 
Stalled water – don’t try to re-start the engine if you stall in water.  Rather be towed out.
Height matters – know the clearance of your vehicle. This helps to avoid damage to the under carriage, or more. Our vehicles are 2.3 meters high. 
Look ahead - survey the terrain ahead to avoid tricky obstacles.  This may mean hiking ahead, or probing a mud pool to determine its depth.

Vehicles without campers

All our 4x4 vehicles are available without camper options too.  
Stay overnight in any of the many excellent accommodation venues on route, and still travel in Bushtracker 4x4 vehicles.
Select from the Toyota range the Land Cruiser, Hilux single or double cab. 

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