Look at THAT bird!

A remarkable 841 bird species are found in South Africa and of these 74 species are endemic to South Africa.  

The region is home to about eight percent of the world's bird species which means any birder is bound to be delighted, and able to record exceptional sightings.
Birdlife South Africa lists a number of Birding Routes where local initiatives support Avitourism.  The itineraries for Safari drives suggested by Bushtrackers will also delight birders. 

Bird Guide to pack

We recommend one of three bird guides for the region: Roberts Birds of Southern Africa, Sasol Birds of Southern Africa of Newman's Birds of Southern Africa.  The Sasol book is noted to assist with identification, offering subtle differences between species.  It tends to have less information about feeding and breeding habits.  Both Sasol and Robers have birding apps.
Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa contains about 950 species and uses the location entered to filter likely candidates.  It also has a list function in which you can track sightings. For Android and iOS devices.
Roberts Multimedia for Birds is packed with all the information found in the authoritative book.  It offers a useful side-by-side comparison to assist with correct identification.  Roberts also allows for location filtering and maintaining your own lists. For Android and iOS devices.  Roberts costs a little more than Sasol eBirds - R399 and R324.99 respectively as at September 2015.
Sasol eBirds (Lite) is a free version with only 30 birds, allowing you to explore the app before purchasing.


Roberts Birds of Southern Africa - ISBN: 9781770097148

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa - ISBN: 9781770079274

Newman's Birds of Southern Africa - ISBN:  9781770078789

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