Carpet of flowers Operation Wildlfower

Carpet of flowers

The Namaqualand is a natural treasure of plants which attracts visitors from far and wide. Bushtrackers provides the ideal vehicles for traveling and viewing the Spring display. 

Tourist flock to the region to view the burst of colour on the landscape - an agriculture lanscape where farmers live off the land and preserve a wealth of biodiversity.  
Tourists have become very welcome, especially in the famous Namaqua flowering season, and become short-term stakeholders in this natural heritage. The observant and caring visitors become temporary conservation partners by living lightly while they are there.

Visit the Namaqualand for a truly memorable experience  - a landscape of flowers, a spectacular sight.  

Do not make your visit too short or limited to a few spots only! Take your time. And do not be despondent if you arrived too early or too late for the spectacular displays. This is never a disaster, but a chance to meet Namaqualand in one of its quiet moments.

Beauty is also hidden in this rugged landscape's tortured phase. It holds surprise and reward for every patient visitor. And your Bushtracker vehicle will allow you to explore that rugged terrain in comfort. 

If our environment shapes us, what are the special attributes inculcated into Namaqualand people by the flowers and the harsh climate? Some special veld knowledge and views of life may be encountered. A salt of the earth directness maybe. And language that has the dialectic beauty that comes with (some) isolation from standardising formative influence.

Namaqualand also harbours the occasional oasis where trees such as Ficus cordata manage to reach water below the often dry riverbeds, perching among rocks in sandy soil. These trees may not be common, but once they get a grip, they may grow old, big and popular for their generous shade against the summer heat.
The fruits are pretty and edible, although they offer little to humans. Still, they perform for hungry birds and some animals, while people that know the veld can live off a large variety of veld fruit, like the San people did effectively when their numbers were low and they had no competition from other types of human lifestyles.

In the words of Ivan Latti, curator of the "Operation Wildflower", "Don't pick them. You can't eat them. But your soul can benefit!"

Thank you to Ivan for the photographs too. 

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