Dads and Lads in Lesotho Dads and Lads in Lesotho

Dads and Lads

A journey of shared experiences with Dads and their sons.

It has long been my contention that we are increasingly living in a well mothered society.  A society that frowns upon our wild nature, our free-spirit and pushes us ever closer to conforming to  a notion of acceptable or unacceptable behaviour.  

Robert Bly the late American Poet Laureate captures this sentiment in words far more beautiful than I could attempt.

 “The inner boy in a family may keep on being shamed, invaded, disappointed, and paralyzed for years and years.  "I am a victim," he says, over and over; and he is.  But that very identification with victimhood keeps the soul house open and available for still more invasions.  Most men today do not have enough awakened or living warriors inside to defend their soul houses.  And most people, men or women, do not know what genuine outward or inward warriors would look or feel like.” 

Sensing a modern-day disconnect with the essence of manhood was motivation enough for me to take a bunch of Fathers and Sons off into the wilderness of Lesotho. My intention was to collectively explore our wild selves and offer a rugged offroad setting for boys on the brink of Manhood to explore what it is that makes a man a man.

 Each Dad drove a Bushtrackers Safari Camper which provided the perfect setting for both quantity and quality time with their sons. 

On an epic five day road trip traversing rough 4x4 tracks across the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho Sons enjoyed the company of their Fathers.  Together they howled at the moon, camped under the stars, swam in mountain streams, scaled rocks and chilled at night next to the bonfire.   


View the Dads and Lads album.  Give Bushtrackers a call if you would like to join the next  Dads and Lads Trip.

PS: invite your son's best mate and his father along. 

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